Smoke Alarms

Get ready for the new QLD smoke alarm legislation

By 2022 1st January, smoke alarms in rental properties

  • Must be photoelectric alarms (ionization alarms will not be allowed)
  • Must be interconnected, and connected by wire or radio frequency
  • Must be 240v hardwired or non-removable 10 year lithium battery type
  • Installed in every bedroom, outside bedroom and every level
  • Our products are Australian/new Zealand standard compliant

Call Dansted Electrical if you are in need of new smoke alarms installed or simply just need your smoke alarms replaced. At Dansted Electrical we can assist you with all your smoke alarm needs and understand both the legislation and the Australian/NZ standards.

Find out more about the new smoke alarm legislation from Queensland Fire and Emergency Services.

Our smoke alarm partner

Red smoke alarms are quite simply –Australia’s best smoke alarms. The Smoke alarms are both mains powered and 10 year Lithium battery types and must be installed by a licensed electrician. Our 240 volt detectors utilze a non-replaceable lithium battery for back-up in the event of a power disruptions as opposed to the cheaper 9 volt battery types.

The 10 YEAR Lithium Battery is designed to last the maximum installed time of the smoke alarm.

Red smoke alarms are perfect to meet the new Queensland smoke alarm laws.

We warranty all of our labour and parts including the detectors for the full 10 years.